I don’t know anything about pharmaceuticals and nor do I care to ever know anything about formularies, drug coverage, eligibility, adjudication, group rolls, etc. I don’t enjoy kissing client’s as*es and speaking on things I’m clueless about.

I don’t like feeling like an idiot because I have received no training to effectively do my job. I must learn everything as I go…except everything changes as soon as I learn it…and I don’t give two d*mns about the things I’m learning. NO PASSION.

I HATE the meetings. I HATE the one-on-ones with my boss – bullshi**ing – my procrastination and my work. I hate the impossible work load and the deadlines that leaves you without a viable social life.

Even if I choose to not do work when I get home, it’s that achy and unsettling feeling at the bottom of my stomach and that heartburn taste in my mouth I get when I think about my job…it’s so time for me to “Just Quit”.        

~Worker Living in MISSOURI

You are reading from the book “Just Quit” & Live

peace be still

Today, when you are not at work do not think about work.  If at any point today when you are not at work and you find yourself thinking about work;  refocus your mind by saying:

“Peace, be still”

Continue to say this until your mind is calm. Do not allow work to take over your mind, especially when you are not officially working (and getting paid).  


This is NOT difficult to do. Just keep repeating the mantra…”peace be still”…or just “peace” whenever you start thinking about work when not at work.  Once you can control your mind you’re half way there.