I have been a teacher for going on 10 years . I never have liked it.

I would love it if I were teaching PE, which was my major, but instead I am teaching Engineering, which I hate! I have a bachelor’s in physical education with minors in biology and health. I started off as a Jr High Science Teacher. Now I’m also teaching three High School engineering classes that I took two week trainings on (not enough).

The evaluation system and paperwork is getting worse. I am not a good teacher. I never have been good at getting up in front of people, especially to teach something I don’t really like. I am 33 years old and I hate teaching.

I like kids for the most part and am a caring person, but I am sick of having “homework”, lesson planning, grading, etc. Believe me, I know teaching has major benefits. That’s why I’ve stayed with it for so long. My unhappiness with my job and stress is affecting my life in a negative way. I just know I would be a better mom, friend, girlfriend, etc. if I didn’t have this job.

~Worker living in INDIANA


Today is appreciate a teacher day.

Do something today to show your appreciation for the teaching profession. 

Even if all we do is for all of us to collectively send positive encouragement through our thoughts and prayers to your teachers, your children’s teachers, your grandchildren’s teachers or the teachers who helped you along the way. 

Appreciate a teacher today.