I believe my job is making me sick and depressed.

The atmosphere is depressing in itself.

Many of the people I work with, especially those in positions over me, are extremely petty and (in my opinion) extremely unprofessional. Several of my colleagues have really horrible attitudes (which appear to be contagious). No one is happy.

I have been sick – using up more than my paid number of sick days even though I am no longer paid for them.

There is no promotion from within. It’s a dead end job. And the pay is less than I was earning 15 years ago.

~Worker Living in ILLINOIS

You are reading from the book “Just Quit” & Live

be so happy

Everybody just wants to be happy.  

We deserve to be happy. Even if it is for a fleeting moment we want to be happy for that moment.

Just ask for a state of mind that can endure what you are facing on your job. Just ask for help to figure out how to be the one person who is happy there, and maybe it will be contagious and others will be happy as well.