It’s a telemarketing job. I really just started, but I feel like a horrible person by bugging people all day. It’s making me feel like the most annoying person ever even though I’m technically a robot.

I have ringing in my ears from having headphones on constantly and I’m not even doing what my boss says really. When someone tells me to take them off the list of people we call, I tell them “no problem!” and do so immediately. They always seem much friendlier that way. I mean the customer is always right I thought, but technically we aren’t supposed to do that.

Another reason I want to quit is because the company records all the calls for ‘training’ purposes, yet they don’t actually have that little robotic audio come on before my calls are connected to let the 2nd party know they are being recorded. I only know, and in the state of Pennsylvania, it’s illegal to record phone conversations unless BOTH parties give consent.

Another probably minute reason I want to quit is, because I had one call where the guy wasn’t even alive. I felt awful. Also, I don’t technically “need” the job. I live with my parents, so I don’t have to worry about bills. I plan on going to college in 9 months though, so it’s going to be a while. I would rather just not go back and find another job. 

~Worker Living in PENNSYLVANIA


Today, look at yourself in the mirror. Just stare at yourself.  Look in your eyes. Now ask yourself: “Does my job require me to do things that I don’t feel are right?”

Be Honest.

Just. Be. Honest.

Now, if indeed it does require you to do things that you don’t feel are right or is making you someone that you don’t recognize; ask yourself  how long you can continue to do this.

Remember you can DECIDE.

You are the decision maker for your life and life is just a series of decisions.

Make A Decision.