I recently accepted a position as a media buyer/planner.  I was told I would receive training because I had zero experience on the buying/planning side of advertising.

Two months in, and other than picking up stuff here and there, NO training. NO teaching me the fundamentals of media buying and planning.

Communication is poor and I have no idea what’s expected of me. My work load is insane: in two months, I have managed a 7-market buy and placed media for an event in Seattle; I am currently planning an $800,000 media buy, am working on a small flyer drop, a small digital campaign, and I was just assigned two other mid-sized buys today.

Did I mention I have zero experience in media buying/planning?

~Worker Living in FLORIDA

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Personal Development

Today, find the training that you need for your current job or the job that you want to have. 

You don’t have to wait for others to do what they promised or what you think they should do.  Focus on developing yourself even if it frustrates you that you have to do this.


Try one of the free MOOC’s – Coursera, EdX or Khan Academy

If you have some money try Lynda.com

NO Excuses…develop yourself…learn what you need to learn