I have been a legal secretary in the patent field for what will be fourteen years in April 2014. I never liked the work, but I LOVED the salary. It’s boring and to me has no value. I am stuck at a desk for 7.5 hours a day.

I am a very social person and like to move around and talk to people throughout the day. However, it is frowned upon in my company. I have “gotten in trouble” for being away from my desk too much socializing even though my work is complete and the attorneys I support are not complaining. I moved to another state three years ago and ended up in the same line of work.

Talk about being depressed…I hate getting up to come to work. I look forward to when the clock strikes 4:30 so that I can go home. I am not passionate about waiting on attorneys hand and foot. If one of the four attorneys I support ask me to do any work, I find myself getting angry or immediately finding someone who can assist with the project. I like change and this is a dead end job. It reminds me of a factory, only working on production. I’m tired and burned out.

~Worker Living in NORTH CAROLINA

stay strong

Today, ask yourself HOW you can continue in your current job or line of work.

If indeed you need to stay a while longer then you can DECIDE to get over this hump of being depressed and figure out HOW you can make it through this while you are at this job.