I want to quit because I hate my job. The only reason I have not quit is because I don’t have another job lined-up. I have an idea of what I want to do, but I’m worried what other people (i.e. parents) might think. I live with my parents, and don’t have to pay any rent. I have no children and no other responsibilities.

The money I have saved could last me for at least a year. So why don’t I just leave my job? Several reasons: 1) I don’t like the stigma that comes with being unemployed and other people judging you. 2)Before my current job, I was unemployed for one year  and six months. I’m worried I won’t find another job. 3) I want to spend time playing and building my Online Poker bankroll. I’ve been playing on and off for two years. I have read books, played over a 100k hands and I believe that if I put in a lot of hours I can be successful.

~Worker Living in the UNITED KINGDOM

You are reading from the book “Just Quit” & Live

plan plan plan

There is not only a stigma to being unemployed there is discrimination.  DO NOT “Just Quit” your job if you have not counted the cost.  There will be an impact. At a minimum there may be a gap in your resume.  By working the “Just Quit” Steps you can overcome the stigma, by creating your story (Step 6) and knowing what you want to do after you quit (Step 4).

Just make sure you think the decision through completely and carefully.  “Just Quit” is not a rash decision.  It is a well thought out game plan.