I work for an unprofessional company. My manager employs all her friends… and son and gives them preferential treatment. I’m grossly underpaid and I haven’t had a raise in five years.

I recently found out that my 10 years of experience (in a very demanding field) has netted me the same income as someone that started three months ago who knows nothing about the job. I’m underappreciated.

~Worker Living in the UNITED KINGDOM

You are reading from the book “Just Quit” & Live

yellow brick road

It’s painful when we truly face our current work situations. It’s like someone pulled back the curtain and have shown us the real “wizard” isn’t a wizard at all. It was all a mirage.  It’s not real.  We aren’t appreciated. We feel used, abused, and tricked.

We can instantly turn things around by being GRATEFUL.  Grateful that we now KNOW the truth.  It’s up to us to act on what we NOW know as the truth.  We can decide to continue to stay or we can decide to leave.  It’s up to us.  We have been shown the truth.