I’m expecting a baby in seven months. I haven’t been feeling well and my employers haven’t been exactly accommodating. They are barely civil about it.

Even before I found out I was pregnant I had come to the realization that the job I have now is not what I thought it would be in terms of exposure and career progressions and opportunities.

I also noticed how other employees have been treated by my employer, there is no residual value, and you are only as valuable as the work that they need to get done in the next month.

Also… I hate filling out leave forms.

~Worker Living in SOUTH AFRICA

you matter

Today,  be honest with yourself about where you work.  Put this job in perspective to what matters in your life.

Know that you matter and if your employer really doesn’t care about you, your health and your needs then why should you continue to contribute your talents and skills there?

You matter.  You have to take control of your career to make sure where you work, works for you.