When you are in a job where you are miserable, or just at a place you want to leave, you can get caught up in trying to frantically search for a way out.  The job interview you just went on has to work out.  Why? Because you need out of your current job immediately.  If you have had a few jobs at this point in your life it can become a vicious cycle (new job – misery – new job – misery…). 

Therethis or something better is another WAY to approach a chronic job stress situation: ADD three words to your desire to get out.  “Let THIS (whatever it is/job/freelance opportunity/starting your own organization) work out OR SOMETHING BETTER.  

There might be something better for you that needs just a little more time to work out.  I do not say that lightly.  It is HARD not to panic daily when you are depressed and miserable because of your job.  

You just don’t think you can take ANOTHER day, let alone ANOTHER week, ANOTHER month, or ANOTHER year.  It feels impossible…but…guess what…you can.  Just remember that EVERYTHING CHANGES. No-thing is permanent.  Keeping this in mind you know that YOU WILL LEAVE THIS JOB ONE DAY.

Just think back, especially if you’ve been here before, why did you leave the last job you had?  You did survive then and you will this time too. The last thing you want to do is get into a NEW work situation where you end up depressed and miserable again.  

From this day forward:

“This Or Something Better.”  

It is a mature way to make decisions and the key that will set your soul free.