The corporate culture is not a good fit. I knew that before I accepted the job, but the $$ was good so I went for it. The long hours, stress and negativity (there is always an issue and anything you do is not good enough for the client) are impacting my health. I was ill & felt off for months. I wasn’t able to sleep. I rarely saw my family and I was always angry.

In 15 months in this job I can count on one hand the number of days I would call “good” days.

I am looking for a new role and it has been challenging as the long work hours leave me exhausted with little energy to actually search for something else. I want to be able to spend the holidays with my family, improve my health and make the time to find a new role that is a good fit. That is why I am looking at quitting.

~Worker Living in CANADA

You are reading from the book “Just Quit” & Live

 trusting ourselves

We know when we know. 

We know when it’s time to leave. Sometimes our body makes the decision for us.

Consider it a gift to you when you know when you know.  You can trust yourself.