Daily I read the Just Quit survey results.  Daily there are people all of the world responding and looking for hope, looking for a way out of their stressful work situations.

As I look at the reasons people want to just quit there are many “individual” reasons.  This week we had 40 entries…40 folks who want to quit because of management, bullying, stress, coworkers, unprofessionalism, the culture, terrible bosses, etc.

As I look for a common denominator it is PEOPLE.  Not just PEOPLE, but compassion and strengthPEOPLE who don’t value other PEOPLE.  PEOPLE who are not compassionate, don’t show empathy, are striving for power, money and prestige — at the expense of other PEOPLE.

It doesn’t seem to matter the job, profession or industry. This week’s list of professions is at the end of this post. It has occurred to me that you can’t escape the fact that you have to work with other people. They could be your boss, co-workers, team members or customers.

You can’t MAKE people act the way you want them to.  You can’t make people respect you. You can’t control them, but you can control yourself.  You can control your own emotions.  You can control how you think and treat other people.

I have an idea of what might work.  Show compassion to everyone you meet at work this week – even your boss – even the customers who get on your nerves or your co-workers.  Do this everyday and all day this week.  Just look at people and KNOW that they are suffering.  You may never know WHY they are suffering, but still show compassion and wish for them happiness.  Just send happiness their way in your thoughts.

I know this sounds weak and soft but there is something very powerful about doing that (while you yourself are suffering; maybe even depressed).   Suppose EVERYONE who reads this post does this at work this week? Collectively we can change the working world one place at a time.

So instead of focusing on being depressed, stressed, unhappy, and unfulfilled just show compassion to others this entire week – even those people you think are a jerk and/or you see as a part of the problem where you work…just try it.  Tweet me @Ridea or email me and let me know how it goes.


Physiotherapy Today, 8:23PM
Associate brand manager Today, 7:13PM
Bookkeeper Today, 4:04PM
IT Contractor Today, 3:03PM
Administration Today, 12:07PM
Banking Today, 12:06PM
mental health counselor Today, 8:09AM
Team Leader Today, 5:00AM
administration Today, 2:12AM
civil engineering Yesterday, 6:44PM
banking Yesterday, 6:29PM
Retail-support team pricing and signing captain Yesterday, 9:58AM
Retail Yesterday, 8:36AM
Finance Friday, May 29th 6:32PM
Human resources Friday, May 29th 4:43PM
Network administrator Friday, May 29th 4:41PM
Adult Education, coordinator Friday, May 29th 1:16PM
merchandiser Friday, May 29th 12:41PM
Youth and program development Friday, May 29th 1:00AM
Youth Direct Care Friday, May 29th 12:28AM
Marketing Campaign Manager Thursday, May 28th 11:24PM
warehouse forklift operater Thursday, May 28th 10:00PM
retail Thursday, May 28th 4:05PM
programmer analyst Thursday, May 28th 3:21PM
management Thursday, May 28th 2:35PM
managing an ice arena Thursday, May 28th 11:22AM
managing an ice arena Thursday, May 28th 11:03AM
legal Thursday, May 28th 5:42AM
PR Thursday, May 28th 1:33AM
director of operations in trucking industry and truck driver Wednesday, May 27th 9:06PM
director of operations in trucking industry and truck driver Wednesday, May 27th 9:06PM
sign industry Wednesday, May 27th 5:11PM
Communications Wednesday, May 27th 8:43AM
Youth Development Specialist Wednesday, May 27th 4:24AM
automotive quality engineer Tuesday, May 26th 5:24PM
Client Service Manager Tuesday, May 26th 2:48PM
receptionist Tuesday, May 26th 8:08AM
Education Tuesday, May 26th 7:35AM
Business Development manager Tuesday, May 26th 6:06AM
store Manager Monday, May 25th 10:40PM
Recruiment Monday, May 25th 10:18PM
Pharmacy Tech Monday, May 25th 3:10AM
Outside Sales / pharma Sunday, May 24th 8:47PM
pt merchandiser Sunday, May 24th 3:21PM
pt merchandiser Sunday, May 24th 3:15PM
Operations Manager Sunday, May 24th 2:46PM
aa Sunday, May 24th 8:35AM
RN at hospital Sunday, May 24th 8:17AM