Below are the survey entries from August 8, 2015 – August 22, 2015.  It has become apparent to me that publishing a weekly Podcast is very time-consuming. I’ll figure something else out to GIVE VOICE to this issue; but for now below are the entries from the last two weeks.

Hang in there everyone.  You are NOT crazy and you are NOT alone. YOU are on the right track.  The working world is changing and some workers are waking up and are what I call the “enlightened knowledge age workers”.  Yes, Just Quitting is a risk…but…

taking risks

Why Are You Thinking About Quitting Your Job Without Another One?

My job makes me miserable. My boss is a crazy condescending pr*ck he makes it a habit to f*ck with me everyday. I lose sleep cannot eat and have been drinking ALOT. My physical and mental health have gone turn the tubes Yesterday, 7:48PM
Because the colleagues I am working closely with are driving me mad – 1 with her illnesses, the other one with her aggressive behavior. Also people are leaving and do not get replaced which makes me doing more work without more reward Yesterday, 5:11AM
1. Unprofessional behaviours are cordoned, thus encouraged
2. Daily dealings and assessment are not fair
3. Disproportionate distribution of work, without due recognition
4. Unsupportive team members and manager
5. The need to protect myself against team member in order to get my due recognition
Yesterday, 4:31AM
I’ve been doing the same thing for five years at a job that was only supposed to help me through school/college now my boss is upset that I’ve said i might be leaving and now she doesn’t talk to me. Yesterday, 3:56AM
I’ve been doing the same thing for five years at a job that was only supposed to help me through school/college now my boss is upset that I’ve said i might be leaving and now she doesn’t talk to me. Yesterday, 3:51AM
Toxic work environment. Friday, Aug 21st 5:56PM
I don’t like my team. Friday, Aug 21st 5:15AM
I am unhappy. Thursday, Aug 20th 9:33PM
I can’t find another job, but I know my current job will lead nowhere. I feel like I can’t move on without quitting my current job. Thursday, Aug 20th 7:37PM
To get rid of the stress, anxiety and general unhappiness and suffocation my current job gives me, and with that space cleared out, knowing I will figure something else out. Because my current job I am not passionate about, because I have no interest in it, and at this point, I feel I’m almost doing my students a disservice by being their teacher. Thursday, Aug 20th 6:21PM
This job is unfulfilling. It pays the bills, but makes me unhappy and angry. I feel lost in my work life and I don’t have time to explore what I want because I am always working! Thursday, Aug 20th 3:01PM
i have been disgnosed with depression. i am not in alignment at all. i have no motivation. i am just exchanging time for money at the expense of my dignity. Thursday, Aug 20th 2:42PM
Stressed and overworked Thursday, Aug 20th 11:14AM
I am unhappy Thursday, Aug 20th 10:17AM
My current job has made me a monster. It is cruel to animals, but most importantly my boss has continually crushed my good spirits in a manipulating manner. Thursday, Aug 20th 9:51AM
I’m unhappy at my current job
Relations with my colleagues are irreconcilable
I’m not growing in the company
I’m not compensated well
I’m taken for granted
I need something new to do
Wednesday, Aug 19th 3:36PM
Because I am physically and emotionally drained. I have lost all confidence in who I am as a person and cannot bare to go through it any longer. Wednesday, Aug 19th 1:27PM
current job makes me feel unimportant and small Wednesday, Aug 19th 11:42AM
Because I want to start a business. I don’t want to work for others, I want life to come first. My life, my way. Wednesday, Aug 19th 10:23AM
My job makes me feel worthless every day, and I find that the inconsistent schedule and treatment I receive from other employees unnecessarily stresses me out. Wednesday, Aug 19th 6:17AM
Because My jobs is slowing killing me.
I want to work days to actually enjoy family life, and not hate it
Wednesday, Aug 19th 5:14AM
My job is borderline abusive. I get paid less than anyone, work more hours than anyone, am respected the least and am made to feel like a useless idiot on a regular basis. Tuesday, Aug 18th 9:57PM
Because I have no control there and the stress has affected my health in a serious way. Also
My job is boring
Tuesday, Aug 18th 7:07PM
I can’t stand the stress I go through being the one and only service rep in the entire state for a medical equipment imaging company. No hospital wants to or can wait when they have equipment problems, yet I often have to make them wait while I complete repairs. My company offers poor technical training and I don’t have enough of some types of equipment to become familiar enough with them to be able to fully support them without some help on some occasions. I’m on my own and support is not coming to my state were as all the other states have more than one service rep in them and they all work together to resolve difficult problems. I’m on my own, I have a huge territory and often travel2 to 4 hours a day just to get to a location and I can’t take it any longer. Tuesday, Aug 18th 1:58PM
I’m miserable and can’t stand the thought of working there anymore. Tuesday, Aug 18th 12:32PM
The position I’m currently in does not utilize my strengths. I am constantly asked to employ my weakest skill sets, which negatively effects my sense of worth. This is not my desired career path – the more time I spend in this position, the further away my dream position feels. Tuesday, Aug 18th 11:08AM
I am not happy with my current career path and I need a career break to pursue personal passions. Tuesday, Aug 18th 8:24AM
1. Not challenging anymore
2. Nothing new to learn.
3. Working with average people
4. Not a lot of career growth
5. Not really doing what I want to be doing.
Tuesday, Aug 18th 5:12AM
I hate my job Tuesday, Aug 18th 3:10AM
I felt miserable and unproductive. Very stress full and been treated unfairly. I have been sideline due to new management came in and brought new team to take over my roll and duties. Monday, Aug 17th 10:52PM
I can’t take this negative very morbid place anymore. There is no room for growth in the company. My bosses are mistreating me and I am tired of my life being a joke to them. There is no where to run to in this company, no HR, no union so no union reps…nothing! I am tired of being over worked and not paid properly and I am tired of being scrutinized for things that aren’t even my fault. Monday, Aug 17th 1:26PM
Its a draining boring job that i have no interest in Monday, Aug 17th 7:50AM
Hate what I’m doing now Sunday, Aug 16th 7:32PM
It’s making me stressed and drpressed Sunday, Aug 16th 2:22PM
Boss is unberable Sunday, Aug 16th 12:20PM
Because I get choked up at the thought of another week of work. Because every day, I think about how much I hate my job. Because I don’t enjoy it and it does not interest me. Because I feel like I am wasting my life. Because my stress levels are through the roof and I spend my weekends worrying about my job (that I hate). Because I cry over it too often. Because I’m not happy. Because I feel so upset all the time. Because I don’t want to do it anymore. Because I believe there’s got to me more to life than this. Because I want to explore the possibilities – what I could be doing instead. Because I want to be happy, and my job is only making me depressed. Because I want to. Saturday, Aug 15th 12:13PM
Feeling unfulfilled, disastifed, stressed. I am not happy with it anymore. Friday, Aug 14th 4:25PM
Start my own company, construction. Thursday, Aug 13th 12:11PM
I cannot stand the morals, ethos, lack of empathy and management of the company I work for . Thursday, Aug 13th 9:31AM
I am unhappy Thursday, Aug 13th 7:53AM
I hate my job Thursday, Aug 13th 6:48AM
I hate it. It has become hostile. Everyone wants out. I am doing the job of 3 people. They don’t want me there any more. Thursday, Aug 13th 12:42AM
My job is sucking the life out of me. I am always exhausted and never have energy to play with my kids. I am always frustrated and grumpy. I am unhappy and unfulfilled. Wednesday, Aug 12th 9:40PM
Unhappy Wednesday, Aug 12th 6:13PM
Way too much stress. Lack of direction. Not enough resources to complete project. Doubt anyone wants me there and I was told to find work elsewhere by a co-worker before I applied and I wish I would have left that position in good standing and never looked back. I took the job and I failed like I was told I would. My family considers me worthless now that I took a government job and probably disinherited me. Don’t be surprised if this little piggy goes to market and ends up in the obituaries. Wednesday, Aug 12th 3:26PM
I am miserable. I am in a demanding line of work and am employed by a demanding individual. I spend all day fighting with clients, opposing counsel and my supervisor. I work very hard for nothing. My father is dying, my mother is elderly and my son is growing up and I am missing it. I spend 10 to 12 hours a day working for little money and with no joy, wishing I was with the people I love. Wednesday, Aug 12th 12:38PM
I had enough I’m sick stressed and feel my soul being destroyed . I’m not motivated to learn at all Wednesday, Aug 12th 8:22AM
I want to quit because i don’t enjoy the job it makes me unhappy and i hate doing it, the pay is poor and i have to work loads of hours. Wednesday, Aug 12th 7:14AM
I can’t stand the people I work with, the bosses, I have 5, are almost all mean and stupid, constantly watching me, as if I am going to run away with the store. If I make a mistake, they don’t tell me about it anymore, they just don’t talk to me, they look through me, as if I am stupid. I got passed up for what they call a promotion, I call it Indentured Servitude. Tons more responsibility, no extra pay. There are no raises here, no matter how good you are, or how much money you make for the owner, he doesn’t care. I need to concentrate on the small jewelry business I have. I am always so tired when I get home from work, I have no time to make anything, advertise, design things, or basically anything to do with my small business. Extremely disheartening. Wednesday, Aug 12th 5:26AM
I’m unhappy, bored, frustrated and over it. Wednesday, Aug 12th 5:17AM
The stress, toxic environment Wednesday, Aug 12th 4:33AM
I hate this job Wednesday, Aug 12th 1:15AM
I’m miserable and just want out! Tuesday, Aug 11th 9:42PM
I feel stifled, strangled, undervalued, and unchallenged. Tuesday, Aug 11th 7:50PM
Every day is a battle for me, this new job has brought my anxiety out worse than any other job before. I hate feeling so depressed and stressed day after day. It’s not healthy for me, and has made everything, including my health, worse than before. Tuesday, Aug 11th 6:00PM
because I feel like I’m dead and sacrificing my soul each and every day. I feel like I’m not living an authentic life. I feel like each and every day I come to work, I waste another beautiful day that I didn’t enjoy. Tuesday, Aug 11th 10:49AM
I am not a corporate person and my company’s values are not up to par. Tuesday, Aug 11th 10:24AM
I am dissatisfied with the work and I can not see myself in this position for another year. Tuesday, Aug 11th 12:50AM
Because the stress is killing me Tuesday, Aug 11th 12:21AM
Too stressful, under paid, no support or team to help, feeling extremely overwhelmed. Monday, Aug 10th 10:01PM
Because I don’t have any real financial burdens. My money could sit as long as I need it to because I don’t have to spend it. Beyond that the conditions I am made to work in are becoming unbearable. I am being made to work hours I didn’t agree upon. I am being denied breaks that I have earned. I am being abused by the majority of my coworkers and managers who have no appreciation for what I do to make their lives easier. So I quit. Monday, Aug 10th 9:56PM
my job has become too stressful regardless of how many hours i work, lunch breaks I miss, it is never good enough. my boss is a micro manager and has dinged me as a poor performer. never in my life have i been called THAT. I’ve been at this company for many years and now this. Monday, Aug 10th 9:49PM
Because my current job is intolerable and I want better hours. And I want to go into a new field. Monday, Aug 10th 8:29PM
I feel that I have been working for the past two years in a place that does not appreciate my presence and I am not learning anything new. I have a boss that I thought appreciated me who work closely with him, but I have realised that he ‘doesn’t care’ and he will leave in a year or so to another mission (expatriate). He says if I feel sad I can go and nobody makes me stay. He says I have become dark and does not see the bright side of things. But he doesn’t talk about the fact that my nervous break down is the result of taking the responsibilities much more than my job required me for too long that now I am broken. Now that I have broken, he doesn’t ask me why you feel like that he just shouts and says he is not accountable. Monday, Aug 10th 9:12AM
I cannot stand going in any more I don’t believe in the company and as a team leader I really should Monday, Aug 10th 1:53AM
I feel bored, less motivated and most Mondays I enter the office feeling bad about another week ahead in the office. I feel that it can be stressful and at times unsupported by my colleagues. I am losing my patience with clients and feel less inclined to be helpful. Sunday, Aug 9th 12:32PM
Sick of weekend calls
Onus is on me
‘c, c, c’
other staff slacking/turn to me instead of working out simple tasks
Other staffs constant mistakes I always have to apologise for
Sunday, Aug 9th 9:48AM
Stress, new experience, and searching for a career path. Sunday, Aug 9th 7:23AM
Total lack of respect grom my line manager and diirector I’m always taking on extra work from my boss without any extra remuneration and yet my boss gets a pay rise and takes all the glory Sunday, Aug 9th 7:03AM


General Comments:

This blog’s making me feel better and more empowered to quit. Thursday, Aug 20th 6:21PM
strategy and motivation Thursday, Aug 20th 2:42PM
When I read this blog, I couldn’t believe the words stolen from my head. Unfortunately I am overcome by guilt, due to no one else understanding why. Thursday, Aug 20th 9:51AM
I feel so encouraged Wednesday, Aug 19th 3:36PM
I find that with my current job I don’t have the time I want to apply for jobs in my desired field, especially considering the time I need to spend emotionally healing after work. Wednesday, Aug 19th 6:17AM
I can do this. I have been doing the same thing expecting a different results. INSANITY Tuesday, Aug 18th 8:29PM
I’d really like to do something different in the last ten years of my career. I’ve been doing the same thing for some 30 odd years and would like to try a change. or at least have a chance to work with a good team of coworkers instead of always being alone responsible for everything all the time in the entire state I live in. Tuesday, Aug 18th 1:58PM
I am so happy I found this blog. It made me feel less crazy about just quitting. Tuesday, Aug 18th 12:32PM
My current job situation made me feel very depressed and stressful. Sunday evening really make me down as I have to think and worried of how to go through another stressful week at workplace. Monday, Aug 17th 10:52PM
I am newly married (2yrs), which means my expenses have gone up. My husband, in laws and I pay for all the bills: mortage, water, heating, property tax etc. Never had this before getting married. Expenses have gone up and I am not sure we could survive if I were to quit. At the current moment I make the most money on a biweekly basis between my husband and I. I have tried to apply for jobs and still am but I am not receiving any call backs and I am kind of lost of what to do now? Should I think about a career change and go back to school? I’m not sure. What I know for sure is I need to get out of this hell whole of a job I have. I can’t take it any longer. Monday, Aug 17th 1:26PM
The post about how one day your whole body just ached and the doctor said it’s stress and were symptoms of clinical depression really hit home with me. I often have this really strange feeling – I feel like I’m not awake, that I’m in a dream. There are days, weeks from last 6 months that I don’t remember – like I’ve got memory lapses. It’s like I’ve gone into automatic mode or something. I know I want to quit. My colleagues are lovely, they’re the best bit of the job. I just really don’t enjoy what I do – I’m not interested and have no attachment to it. I’m giving it until my birthday next year (about 8 months away). If I still feel the same, I’m handing in my resignation. Saturday, Aug 15th 12:13PM
I like the success stories, and hope to be one too. Thursday, Aug 13th 12:11PM
I want to quit badly. Thursday, Aug 13th 12:42AM
I already quit and its been months. I have yet to get a call about a job I applied for. My situation feels hopeless and I would benefit from some coaching to get myself back up from the fall I took. Wednesday, Aug 12th 3:26PM
Just my health getting better losing weight and making a transformational change Wednesday, Aug 12th 8:22AM
I don’t want to die without being able to say I made the effort to improve my outlook on my life, even if I end up in a similar field or occupation, I want to be able to look myself in the eye in the mirror and know I gave it the best I had. Wednesday, Aug 12th 5:26AM
Faith, inspiration Wednesday, Aug 12th 4:33AM
I want to have another job to fall back on because income or not my bills don’t quit. But, for the past 3 years I have been at the quitting point and too scared to take the leap for fear of not being able to take care of myself. 3 years later my physical, mental and emotional health has suffered, I truly feel like my job is killing me slowly. I have goals and even a small business, but without steady income I don’t know if I can take the risk… Tuesday, Aug 11th 7:50PM
I’m very glad I found this blog and got to read other stories, and now I know that when I do pick my quit date- I have this blog to look back to – to not feel so guilty about my decision. Tuesday, Aug 11th 6:00PM
I really just want the confidence to finally do it. I would love to talk to other people that have “just quit” Tuesday, Aug 11th 10:49AM
I need out they feel like they can just call me whenever… WHENEVER THEY WANT and have me come in like I just got told 6 hours ago which was about 11 pm to come in asap. Now I have to go in on no sleep and work probably a 16 hour shift. Crazy thing is this happens like twice a week. Tuesday, Aug 11th 4:52AM
Anything is better than what I put up with. Monday, Aug 10th 9:56PM
i need a break from the chaos. it is not adding to my life, only subtracting from it. the cycle i am in has sucked the joy from my life. Monday, Aug 10th 9:49PM
Life is too short. Monday, Aug 10th 4:56AM
seeing the future Sunday, Aug 9th 9:48AM