The below survey entry came in yesterday  –

Way too much stress. Lack of direction. Not enough resources to complete project. Doubt anyone wants me there and I was told to find work elsewhere by a co-worker before I applied and I wish I would have left that position in good standing and never looked back. I took the job and I failed like I was told I would. My family considers me worthless now that I took a government job and probably disinherited me. Don’t be surprised if this little piggy goes to market and ends up in the obituaries.

~From a Business Analyst/Govt/Licensing living in the USA

There is something that is terribly wrong when a person is walking around feeling like this. This came in from a young man 26-35 yrs. old who indicated in the comments section that he’s already quit, he feels hopeless and needs a coach.

Again, this is someone who is young and starting out in the working world.


It feels like people are screaming for help; but no one can hear them because “this is just how it is in the working world today”.

Well, young man who wrote this if you find your way  back to this blog and read this post please know that you do not have to “end up in the obituaries” at such a young age.   If you were strong enough to quit a job like you were in; then YOU ARE STRONG ENOUGH to not give up on yourself.  

Wake up every single morning knowing that there is HOPE in a new day.

HOPE is the opposite of despair and it is a very powerful force. 

Clearly, and I mean crystal clearly figure out what you want.  You need to see it like it has already happened – in living color – draw it – write it down – make it real.  It is NOT your job to struggle to MAKE it happen, it is your job to figure out what you WANT TO HAPPEN (or something better).

The universe (HOPE) will then conspire to make it so (if it is in alignment) this is why you have to add or something better.  Sounds hokey?  It’s not.  It works.  Think of it this way – if you are considering suicide then what do you have to lose to dream and dream big and then you have to WAIT.

It is the waiting that is hard, but wait you must. Get out of your head and JUST LIVE while you’re WAITING.  Do things you ENJOY doing (figure that out during the wait).  Things you love don’t have to cost much or any money –  it could be jogging, writing, reading, or flying a kite (whatever floats your boat).   Just start doing things that you enjoy and watch how your life starting changing. (And regarding needing a coach to help you make it through this…the coach that you need is deep within you…it led you to this blog post…) 

May You Be Happy Little Piggy, May You Be Well 

~Ridea  Your ridiculously benevolent superhero