“We can look upon a road from two different points of view.

One regards it as dividing us from the object of our desire. In that case, we count every step of our journey over it as something obtained by force in the face of obstruction.

The other sees it as the road which leads us to our destination, and as such, it is part of our goal. It is already the beginning of our attainment, and by journeying over it, we can only gain that which within itself it offers to us.” 

—Rabindranath Tagore 

On the road of “LETTING COME” while or until you can “JUST QUIT” the first mental feat is to ACCEPT WHAT IS.

So, how do you do that when WHAT IS is not what you want it to be?tagore quote

Be grateful for the journey.

Grateful for what you do have, what has already come to you. Grateful for knowing that things will change, because things always change. I ran across Tagore who became the first non-European to win the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1913. Human beings have been struggling with letting go and letting come for some time.  You might be going into ANOTHER week dreading your job, but endure it.

It is leading you to your destination.

Journey on and while you wait to be released –  prepare yourself to receive what is to come.  Wake up every day this week with the first thought as being grateful for SOMETHING.

Come up with your SOMETHING that you are grateful for and stick with it all week.  Even if you are grateful that change is coming, then try that. It will change your point of view about your current situation.  

Give it a try.

I am grateful for________________. 

Peace, ~Ridea