Sometimes you have to start building before you are allowed to let go of what is not working. Daily after reviewing the Just Quit survey results I realize that most people feel HOPELESS because they:

  1. Hate or feel burned out with what they are currently doing; and
  2. Don’t know what they are passionate about; or
  3. Can’t seem to do what they are passionate about and make enough money doing that thing. 

I mean basically that is what is boils down to for folks who find this blog.  Even if folks are not at the point of typing into google something that lands them here; there are still those suffering in jobs WORLDWIDE that they are not well-suited for and feel stuck at, because:

  1. They fell into professions and they don’t know a way out – 
  2. They worked many professions for others and now want to do their own thing – 
  3. They have families and pensions depending on them to keep doing their current jobs (they don’t like or where they feel unheard or unappreciated).

Having a Vision

I am big on having a vision and creating a vision so that folks in an organization can know where they are going.  I have come to realize that it is not impossible as an individual to create a vision (AND ACHIEVE IT) for yourself, your family, your community and your life.

Of course we’ve all heard this before BUT after you get to a certain age you come to realize that it is easier said than done.  How many have created plans that haven’t worked out? Dreams that have gone unfulfilled?  Careers that have derailed? Jobs that feel like dead-ends? How many reading this can relate? Too many!

So, I have realized that maybe the problem is…We are dreaming too small…We are hoping for too little…We are being too incremental.

I will have a boat here in this marina in Hampton, VA in 5 years.

I will have a boat here in this marina in Hampton, VA in 2020 five (5) years from now.

We need to create a life from here on out that is big and bodacious. GO BIG or GO HOME.  Stop being afraid of losing your job (that you hate), applying for jobs similar to the job (that you hate), working for a little bit of money at a job that you hate.

Waking up day-after-day; week-after-week; year-after-year going through the motions. Why are people doing this? Trust me if you can relate to this you are NOT alone, many are in the same boat.

So, what are we going to do about it?

Let’s go on a journey together. From one port to another.  I’ll start the journey and you can watch or participate along with me.  I’ll go back to weekly Sunday blogging as I CRAFT a BIG and bodacious DREAM to CREATE an organization that GIVES PEOPLE COURAGE TO PURSUE MEANINGFUL WORK.  I will take my ideas, my art, my books, my friends, my money, and my skills and pour them into one place for people who stumble on this blog (which will transform and grow) to be a resource for those who desire to live fully and leave a legacy of creativity.