…not tomorrow…or next week…you CAN Just Quit today if you want to.

Just Quit thinking it’s hopeless. It’s not. 

Just Quit thinking it’s about money in the bank…nope…it’s about ALL available sources of money. You might have to cash it out…vacation, 401K, the house, stuff (or junk) you don’t need; stop buying (or charging) more junk you don’t need; stop going to get $7 Latte’s; stop giving your money to a “church” that wouldn’t give you or a needy person a dime if they needed it (the truth hurts); and a bunch of other stuff we do just because that’s what we do. STOP DOING IT or AT A MINIMUM be MINDFUL of what you are doing.

Just Quit thinking you can’t have your own thing. You better. You better figure it out ifDO that.jpg you haven’t already. If you are sitting in a job — miserable— and you don’t have your own something  (hobby, website, side business, family business) then don’t blame anyone else for your misery.  Look in the mirror. Instead of wasting time watching television and WORST paying to watch t.v. you need to CREATE something of your own. It doesn’t matter if you can’t figure out HOW you’re going to make money on that thing. You might, you might not.  You just need to be a CREATOR and not just a CONSUMER.

Just Quit thinking everybody else is happy and doing better than you.  They aren’t. If any of us had  a medical emergency today, you, me and most everybody else is in big trouble.  An emergency room visit and hospital stay could wipe us out. Sad, but true. Most folks would and do struggle to pay their bills. So, the folks next door and/or your co-workers are in the struggle with you, so be kind. Smile. Laugh. Make someone ELSE’s day.

So….today…Just Quit feeling hopeless. Start there. You have the Power to see the Possibilities, if you want to.  I don’t say this lightly.  I read the survey results of folks that find this site. FOLKS ARE MISERABLE ALL OVER THE WORLD. All I am saying is that YOU can change your life AND this has NOTHING to do with a JOB or where you work.  You can get through that.  You might not think that you can, but you can. You have so far.

Just Quit & Live is bigger than a job. It is about your LIFE and what you are living to DO and BE. What is your contribution, cause, and mission?   Go & Do That.

Just Quit & Live is a PROCESS. It starts with mindfulness, then you create something, all the while being kind to others who cross your path.  IF you do this…you will not have time or energy to be miserable in your j-o-b. It will pass. It will. Try it.

May you be happy, Ridea