For those who want to “Just Quit” their jobs, don’t fret.  You are AHEAD of others who are settling, those who are just going thru the motions or pretending. 

This morning I heard Tiffany Shlain talk about Growing Up the Internet and it was like the cacophony of noise in my head turned into a melody.  I realized that this segment of the working world population (those who find my blog) want something more, and below is what they crave…the something more… Adaptable Mind


Stop complaining, right now and today.  This moment.  STOP COMPLAINING. STOP FRETTING about how much you hate your JOB.  Be GRATEFUL that you do. You could be one of those SETTLING in a job.

NOW what do you START doing? START developing the skills needed for the new Human Economy that is coming.  Watch the below video—I mean really watch it, then start researching and working on developing  the below skills: 

BE CURIOUS about what interest you.   Get CREATIVE – make something! Take INITIATIVE – do something! Be INCLUSIVE – get beyond labels.  Have EMPATHY – step into the “other’s” shoes…see life thru their eyes.  That is PLENTY to DO…you won’t have time to be wrapped up in a job structure that is dead or dying out….get ahead of the pack…chart the course “Just Quit & Live” people….  

The Adaptable Mind from The Moxie Institute on Vimeo.