After reading the “Just Quit” your job survey results it has occurred to me that people in most every profession is and/or could be miserable doing what they are doing.

It’s not about the profession.

It’s about the mindset while working in that profession.

This makes me think of Tolstoy’s three questions:Three questions

Here people are in lives where they have to work for a living.  They are the wage earners. Most people are miserable going to work everyday. It doesn’t seem to matter how much they are paid.  Doesn’t seem to matter the title. Still, they are miserable.  

So, then what are the answers to Tolstoy’s questions?Three answers

It does NOT matter what you are doing.  It matters what you THINK about what you are doing NOW.  

Get beyond wanting to leave.  Get beyond wanting to be in another/different profession.  Just be okay with what is right now.  

Yep, you are miserable. GET OVER IT. Until you can get over it, it will continue, no matter if you leave where you are, go someplace else…you’ll end up miserable again.  

Challenge: be happy in your misery…embrace the suck.  If you can do that you can move on…until then…misery will follow you where ever you go.

Don’t believe me….below are the professions of folks who are miserable enough to complete the “Just Quit” your job survey… just this month:

Accreditation Yesterday, 6:19PM
Writer Yesterday, 5:15PM
Manager Yesterday, 3:44AM
Manufacturing Friday, Jun 17th 2:31PM
Claims adjudicator Friday, Jun 17th 8:41AM
casino job Thursday, Jun 16th 7:41PM
casino job Thursday, Jun 16th 7:41PM
Part time Cashier and Caterer Thursday, Jun 16th 6:38PM
Project Manager Engineer/Microelectronics/technology Thursday, Jun 16th 11:20AM
customer care specialist Thursday, Jun 16th 12:33AM
Accounting Wednesday, Jun 15th 11:40AM
Slot tech Wednesday, Jun 15th 11:46AM
Slot tech Wednesday, Jun 15th 11:46AM
Public servant Wednesday, Jun 15th 7:22AM
Musician Wednesday, Jun 15th 4:17AM
Development assistant Tuesday, Jun 14th 7:46PM
Retail mamanagement Tuesday, Jun 14th 3:12PM
Garbo truck driver Tuesday, Jun 14th 9:04AM
Dentist Tuesday, Jun 14th 1:59AM
mental health Monday, Jun 13th 6:05PM
Accountant Monday, Jun 13th 5:31PM
Telecom Engineer Monday, Jun 13th 3:26PM
Assistant Account Manager/Retail/Design Monday, Jun 13th 11:39AM
Retail Sunday, Jun 12th 2:38PM
IT Sunday, Jun 12th 1:06PM
Accounting Sunday, Jun 12th 9:27AM
receptionist Sunday, Jun 12th 8:56AM
Design engineer Saturday, Jun 11th 3:19AM
Human resource director Saturday, Jun 11th 1:38AM
attorney Friday, Jun 10th 11:11PM
Training & Development Thursday, Jun 9th 11:35PM
Museum/Arts/Education Thursday, Jun 9th 11:02PM
Customer Service Thursday, Jun 9th 10:34PM
Nonprofit Thursday, Jun 9th 5:29PM
Food safety officer Thursday, Jun 9th 5:45PM
Hospitality Thursday, Jun 9th 4:49PM
Sales Thursday, Jun 9th 11:23AM
engineering Thursday, Jun 9th 9:24AM
engineer Thursday, Jun 9th 6:53AM
disability support worker Thursday, Jun 9th 3:57AM
Accountant Thursday, Jun 9th 12:03AM
Insurance Wednesday, Jun 8th 11:54PM
Banking Wednesday, Jun 8th 11:34PM
Finance Wednesday, Jun 8th 9:40PM
Retail Wednesday, Jun 8th 5:32PM
E commerce Wednesday, Jun 8th 3:53PM
Admin PR Wednesday, Jun 8th 3:17PM
Software Consultant Wednesday, Jun 8th 1:49PM
Resturant management Wednesday, Jun 8th 12:39PM
Pharmaceutical Industry Tuesday, Jun 7th 9:55PM
Export Tuesday, Jun 7th 2:32PM
i am on dis ability Tuesday, Jun 7th 11:09AM
Email marketing Tuesday, Jun 7th 6:41AM
recruit Monday, Jun 6th 5:17PM
Superintendent Monday, Jun 6th 2:16PM
administrative assistant Monday, Jun 6th 1:36PM
Manufacturing Monday, Jun 6th 10:41AM
Education Sunday, Jun 5th 9:58PM
Designer Sunday, Jun 5th 8:35PM
Cashier/supervisor Sunday, Jun 5th 3:32AM
CNA Sunday, Jun 5th 3:29AM
Oil Saturday, Jun 4th 6:02PM
journalist Saturday, Jun 4th 11:11AM
Banker; Team Lead Financial Literacy Saturday, Jun 4th 10:27AM
Pharmacy student assistant job Friday, Jun 3rd 6:30AM
Logistics Friday, Jun 3rd 5:50AM
Director of Patient Experience Thursday, Jun 2nd 5:30PM
Purchasing Thursday, Jun 2nd 3:25PM
Accountant Thursday, Jun 2nd 10:11AM
Assistant Director of Guest Experience Wednesday, Jun 1st 11:11PM
Investor Relations Wednesday, Jun 1st 8:37PM
Retail Wednesday, Jun 1st 8:55PM
7th grade ELA teacher Wednesday, Jun 1st 6:52PM
Personal Assistant Wednesday, Jun 1st 4:52AM

Today and everyday when you wake up don’t think about how miserable you are.  Even if you want to be doing something difference (and especially if you don’t know what that something different is) think about how you COULD be happy doing what you’re doing, right where you are with the people you are with….why?….because it will help you move on.  

You WILL move on.  Why?  Life is about change. Eventually things will change, don’t delay change by NOT learning the lesson of how to sing while walking in the storm. SING, SMILE. RISE ABOUT IT.