Art doesn’t mean one thing.  It can be many things.

Being an artist is not just for some of us,  it is for all of us. 

We were created to create.  We were not created to consume. 

Create something. Create anything. Especially if you are miserable at work.  It will help you cope.

My son brought me an artist set for Christmas and even though I “do art”; “make art”;”sale art” I never really thought of myself as an artist, but I guess he did.  

I kept thinking that artist draw things, and I never understood how to draw, seemed too much like geometry (and it is).

Art Dec 2015

Well…all it took was to learn some techniques and wa-lah I can draw.  

I keep this on the table in my studio to remind me that this is the result of a couple of hours of practice back in December when I got the kit.  

It reminds me that I  can do anything I put my mind to…and so can you.  I am not stuck.  You are not stuck.  

We create our world.   

So…do your art. Look for it.  Find it.  Create something.  

We are only stuck if think we are.