Never say never because you don’t know what the future holds.

Case in point: I’m back in purchasing, but with a twist.  I’m combining purchasing and training by working in procurement compliance.  It pretty fascinating because I can blend one thing I have years of experience in with the thing I do naturally. Although I thought I’d never want to go back into purchasing I feel like I’m at home with the purchasing discipline.  It’s been like riding a bicycle and a skill that I’ve missed using over the years.

So, never say never.  Don’t shut the door on your opportunities because you think you know what is best.  let go joseph campbell

What was best years ago, may not be best for today.

What was wrong for you years ago, may be just right for you today.

Just be open to all the universe has to offer.

Let go of what you will “never ever do” again.

Just be open and surprising things will come your way.