Shout out to the entrepreneurs.  Bigger what’s up to those doing it while working full-time. What a fabulous learning experience this is.

Learning about wearing all the hats from sweeping the floor to paying the bills. Learning about realizing at the end of the day; it’s all me. All I think about is that my father built a successful business and had a full-time job, 6 kids, a 1 acre farm to tend to, and a wife who was sick all the time.  I think about that and it baffles my mind.  It’s deep.  It motivates me.

Learning that your vision only does become clear when you look inside.  There is way too much going on around you to get a clear image of the long view.

Learning that you have to put your ear to the ground and listen to what’s happening around you but you can’t be sidetracked by any of it.  The lessons I’m learning from attending the community meetings is like opening a door, looking inside and realizing that what I see is not what it is.  I can’t take any of it at face value. The only way I’m going to figure out what is “really going on”  is to give it time.

Learning that the risk is real. It’s more a risk in doing something just for the sake of doing something.  That’s a lot of wasted energy . If you’re in it for the long run you have to pace yourself and not jump or panic, it’s about preparing.

Learning that when you are on the path meant for you, synchronicity will come daily & you’ll know when it’s happening. It happened for me one day when I re-worked an art piece the moment I walked in the shop and someone came in a brought it that day.  They had to have it.  It happened again this weekend when two neighborhood people (James and Nicole) came in the shop at the same time.  They  are two people who are like the “real people” my mother use to invite into our home at 1215.  I like them.  I like that they come in the shop.  Can they buy anything?  Nope.  They can’t afford it.   I’m just happy I have a place they feel comfortable coming in.  Love that.

Learning that what I thought the shop was about, ain’t it.  It’s something else.  Much bigger. So big all I can do is go in meditation about it and ask for further direction and guidance…”like really…this is what you want me to do?”…and slowly but surely it’s unfolding. Back to feeling like I’m guided by an invisible hand and I just have to go with it.  I won’t be able to get away from who I am, what I know, all my experiences, where I’m from, because it’s all linking up.

Being a learner is one of my strengths…I’m truly enjoying this ride.

So to those who want to start a business or those in the midst of a start-up…go slow, pace yourself, listen to your intuition and have no regrets.