I happened to catch a documentary on PBS last week called Set For Life by Tree of Life Productions.

It was about folks in middle age devastated by this last economic recession.

As I watched I thought there could be a documentary/a play/something artsy of sorts about folks worldwide who are miserable in made-up j-o-b-s they want to “Just Quit”.

Something tells me this journalist might be able to help me or know someone who will find useful the 9,500 stories from 126 countries I have been curating for the past four years.

I keep this blog going because I remember the pain of being in a job I wanted to “Just Quit” and feeling that no one understood. Folks need to know they are not alone and they aren’t crazy, so today is the day I take the time to pull together the survey results and send an email to the journalist to get some feedback. Taking another step…