If you find this blog, please know that you are not alone in your misery on your job.

I will at least once a quarter  post the results from the survey.  Below are others worldwide that want to quit their jobs even if they don’t have another one lined-up.  It is a serious problem.  Please know that you are not crazy and are not alone.  Thanks to all of those who have purchased my book.  I hope that it has helped during this difficult time.


Comment Date
The stress Thursday, Oct 19th 9:47AM
My career is going nowhere for me Wednesday, Oct 18th 1:24PM
I hate where I’m at and feel like I’ve been at this job too long. I dread going to work everyday and have a hard time getting up in the morning. Wednesday, Oct 18th 10:35AM
Stress, work load, overtime, toxic environment, not appreciated Saturday, Oct 14th 10:28PM
The stress the workload the hours the pay Friday, Oct 13th 3:31PM
Career growth Friday, Oct 13th 11:44AM
Freedom Thursday, Oct 12th 2:04PM
There is no growth in the organization,Boss is not supportive and environment tis extremely political.They have reduce my role and expecting me to leave. Thursday, Oct 12th 5:05AM
There is no trust between me and my boss.I was once in competition with my current boss and he was my peer.But due to his political nature he reached to that position and remove my old boss from his position hence reduce my chances of promotions.
I’m miserable and unhappy, the moment I walk in the door. I’ve had enough and know it’s time to do something else. Wednesday, Oct 11th 10:22PM
Fed up of my current job, not enjoying it anymore, want something new, new challenge. Tuesday, Oct 10th 7:39PM
I am extremely bored and unchallenged. Sunday, Oct 8th 1:32PM
I hate doing the job I have. Thursday, Oct 5th 5:09AM
I don’t feel needed or respected.
I feel disrespected.
I’m bitter at my boss for passing me up on a permanent position.
It makes me feel physically ill Wednesday, Oct 4th 1:50PM
On edge, tearfull and stressed
I cannot think straight and it has erroded my confidence
Drained Sunday, Oct 1st 8:10AM
Feel like not part of team, not being challenged, bored, not valued Thursday, Sep 28th 6:17PM
I hate it Saturday, Sep 23rd 7:17PM
The stress from my job is greatly impactinh my health, my mental well being and my relationship with my husband. I have panic attacks on my way to work accompanied by a general ill feeling in my stomach. Wednesday, Sep 20th 6:56PM
I’m happy with my life except for one minor detail … I HATE going to work Monday to Friday. I feel like my boss owns me and my life is not my own. My job is also holding me back because I’m not learning anything new or useful. I worry about my future. It’s draining my life force and making me sick. I literally need to quit so I can recover and reclaim myself. Looking for another job in this mental state is not what I want to do. I need time between jobs because I never get a decent vacation. I want to be FREE!!! Tuesday, Sep 19th 7:27PM
I want to renovate my house. I want to do a Barista course. I want to plan for my future. I want to spend more time with family. If I get another job, I want it to be one that I really love. I don’t want to get up at 4am to go to work anymore. I don’t want to work on the week-ends. I don’t want to work until 10pm at night anymore. I want to spend time in my garden. While I love customers, I don’t want o have to deal with grumpy badly behaved people anymore. Monday, Sep 18th 8:01PM
I’m just so tired and burned out from it. Don’t fit in with the culture and not nerdy enough Sunday, Sep 17th 7:55PM
my job has become tedious and I hate my loine of work. I’ve been I’ll from work stress and I’m extremely unhappy with management. Tuesday, Sep 12th 12:27PM
This job is depressing Monday, Sep 11th 1:10PM
its very repetitive
its ruining my mood
The pay is terrible. I cannot make any money here. Its sales, and the one week (out of the 50-60 weeks I have been here) I made it past the average pay. It was only 200 more than what i usually make
I cannot focus
My thoughts arent clear
Moving towns for a fresh start Saturday, Sep 9th 4:24AM
Need a more stable job, more pay, serve hard to serve people and I just can’t do it anymore. Safety is a concern. Tuesday, Sep 5th 11:27AM
I am miserable, unhappy, cry all the time and think about being at home so can concentrate on my job. I just hate it. Tuesday, Sep 5th 7:57AM
Because I cannot take this any more. I’m 22 years old and I’m suffering with anxiety, depression and a disease in my pancreas due to stress. Wednesday, Aug 30th 6:38AM
Because I can’t take another second there, and I’m moving away to a new state soon Tuesday, Aug 29th 10:47AM
The job I have now takes up all my my mental time and almost all of my free time. I took it thinking it would make me happy and validate my worth. It hasn’t. I hate it and it’s only been 2.5 months. I want to move across the country and I can’t job search well from the opposite coast. So I have to buck up, relocate, and search as a local resident. Thursday, Aug 24th 12:09PM
It’s driving me crazy Tuesday, Aug 22nd 11:16PM
My job makes me physically ill. I can’t sleep or relax on my days off. Tuesday, Aug 22nd 8:02PM
Take on an extreme amount of stress and pressure without appreciation or compensation and was not part of the job description when I was hired Saturday, Aug 19th 1:31PM
I have a Mental illness that causes me to not be able to tolerate the intricate stipulations and policies of this company Friday, Aug 18th 4:51PM
I want to live in Africa and work on community projects Thursday, Aug 17th 9:47PM
Stagnant growth. Mistreated. Terrible corporate culture. Not learning. Wednesday, Aug 16th 9:58AM
Tired of stressful responsibility. Tired of long hours worked and travel time. Tired of difficult employees. Sunday, Aug 13th 10:31PM
My stress levels feels through the roof, I don’t like the direction this company is going in, I feel an almost unbearable anxiety at the thought of dealing with our customers, I want to work in an industry where my schedule is more set and stable, I have been Sunday, Aug 13th 8:30PM
I am not interested in computer industry. Sunday, Aug 13th 7:20AM
The work is affecting my mental health Saturday, Aug 12th 4:50PM
My CEO is abusive. I do t think he is going to let me do what I need to do. I am worried about recruiting good people into a dysfunctional company. Saturday, Aug 12th 6:14AM
Because I feel like I’m overqualified and I can do much better if given a chance. Thursday, Aug 10th 5:04AM
I didn’t learn a thing about the core operation of the job. I am like an unskilled working in my office.
The reason I want to quit my job before I find another one is that I need a safer job because this one is really stressful for me when we get busy and overwhelming. Tuesday, Aug 8th 8:22PM
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I want to do something I enjoy Thursday, Aug 3rd 2:39PM
Can’t sleep or eat due to anxiety. Unsafe work environment Thursday, Aug 3rd 4:32AM
Stress not being able to perform the job. Writing on he wall I will be getting fired. Tuesday, Aug 1st 7:11PM
Because it’s time and I have been planning for 18 months and I am longer happy and very stressed Tuesday, Aug 1st 12:29PM
No passion on current job. Tuesday, Aug 1st 11:16AM
I want to work by myself.
I want to travel more than I can for the past 5 years.
I dont like being told what to do and limit my potential.
I love to create new things.
I dont have any passion in this industry.
Im just working for the sake of paying the bills and expenses.
Freedom Monday, Jul 31st 11:40PM
I need a break from everything Monday, Jul 31st 2:28PM
Miserable Monday, Jul 31st 5:34AM
Tired of being under paid, and put down by leaders. Don’t like environment etc Saturday, Jul 29th 6:53PM
Stress Thursday, Jul 27th 11:48PM
I need to figure out my life (next steps) but I’m unable to really focus on that because I am exhausted from job. Thursday, Jul 27th 2:13AM
I’m wasting my energy here when I could be doing something productive at home. Wednesday, Jul 26th 7:54AM
I am a useless body behind a computer screen.
I don’t feel myself really smile once while at work.
I am too tired and stressout with work. Too afraid to go work everyday Wednesday, Jul 26th 5:28AM
Stress, always working late and on weekends Monday, Jul 24th 8:28PM
Third shift Saturday, Jul 22nd 10:58PM
I feel like I need to sacrifice a good thing for a better thing Tuesday, Jul 18th 12:32PM
My manager pays me a terrible wage Monday, Jul 17th 4:16PM
I feel very upset in my current job. Very very upset. Monday, Jul 17th 7:17AM
Great Sunday, Jul 16th 11:16PM
Mentally, emotionally and physically I can no longer do my current job. I have wanted to start my own business for a long time and have done a lot of research and decided on the business I will start. I have the finances to start my own business and to pay my bills, without changing anything, for 5 months so I feel comfortable quitting my current job. If I scale back, I can stretch that even longer. And knowing that, I no longer feel stuck; I feel relieved and excited. Saturday, Jul 15th 8:21AM
Because I hate the way it makes me feel about myself Thursday, Jul 13th 1:23PM
I just want to leave Thursday, Jul 13th 5:20AM
I want to have a change in environment. I came back for dad. I am feeling the unfairness and unhappiness whenever I am tasked with certain task. Monday, Jul 10th 7:08AM
Stress, no work life balance Sunday, Jul 9th 9:43PM
i am thinking to quit my job without another one because i felt tired when iwas working there 2 weeks ago Saturday, Jul 8th 4:35AM
i feel everything has chamged i mean in a very bad way
i dont like seeing other people not work hard and just act like they are superior
i hate to meet someone and hear something that are very annoyed me
It’s a dead-end job, I’m not making enough money and I can’t achieve even my most basic objectives for the future; also, there’s the perspective of having to travel for work, which I don’t intend to do. Friday, Jul 7th 3:34AM
I’ve been here long enough to realize that I’m just not cut out for this. I’m better off elsewhere – someplace where I can actually feel passionate about my job, somewhere I can put my skills to good use. I am so tired for waking up every single day feeling like crap. Wednesday, Jul 5th 6:58PM
Stress is wrecking my health to the point where I have no good days anymore Wednesday, Jul 5th 2:16PM
Cant take this job no more Wednesday, Jul 5th 8:31AM
Too much pressure
want to be free
do not want to say hello boos any more
want to travel the world
Don’t get the same treatments as others Tuesday, Jul 4th 3:51PM
Picked on
bored Monday, Jul 3rd 10:02PM
just waiting for start-up
no incentive to do anything
no more friends
stagnant for 4 years
everyone else is higher ranked
My job is overwhelming me to the point of depression. I am underpaid, undervalued, and overworked. I have many responsibilities, at times covering the responsibilities of three employees. I feel dread when I wake up in the morning at the thought of going in. Monday, Jul 3rd 1:18PM
1. I’m not enjoying the work Friday, Jun 30th 11:55PM
2. I feel blocked when trying to innovate
3. Some co-workers are impossible to reason with
4. My boss chooses the advice of the coworker over mine
Want a job with a different industry, different duties, and room for growth. Looking for a better work environment, colleagues to befriend, and opportunities to further my career. Burnt out of this job. Thursday, Jun 29th 9:09AM
because i am depressed at it. there is no room for advancement, the people i work with are backstabbers and i am sick of it. Thursday, Jun 29th 8:47AM
I’m completely miserable at my job. I’m stressed out. My anxiety level has accelerated. I’m doing way more than I can handle. At times I have chest pain due to the stress. My sleep is also affected. Wednesday, Jun 28th 6:09AM
Cannot carry on here anymore Tuesday, Jun 27th 5:59AM
Because the job im in right now isnt for me. I fell in the job. I suck at IT. Monday, Jun 26th 7:59AM
1. My health is suffering. In terms of my physical health, I have been putting off visiting a doctor for nearly a year. There were also days in the past few months that I was contemplating suicide. I smoke too much at work (Don’t feel the need to, at home). Sunday, Jun 25th 1:58AM
2. I have no work-life balance. Even after trying multiple times to balance my work-life, I keep falling back to 12-hour workdays (This is an improved no.!). No extra curricular activities, no friends left, have met my boyfriend only 3 to 4 times this entire year (And he lives in the same city as me).
3. My elder sister is suffering from severe anxiety and depression, she talks about committing suicide everyday. My parents are aging and find it difficult to look after her, once she moved back in with us. I feel like I am unable to contribute at home, as I am so bogged down at work.
4. I never had a great boss and was seriously thinking of quitting my job for more than 6 months. My boss quit and so I decided to stay back to assess the situation after his notice. My new boss doesn’t seem to like me too much, he does not share information too easily as well. He has also recruited somebody whose position would be between us two – which means that I would report into two people instead of one. I feel that this is quite unfair since I have had a large contribution in running the department up till now. I feel that it would be futile to work hard now and not worth the effort to impress my new boss. Also, nearly all of my old team had already moved on.
5. I feel too burnt out to look for another job while at this job. Whenever I have got offers from other companies, I am turning them down as I feel I am too tired to go for an interview and definitely too tired to prove myself at a new job.
My job stress has created depression in my life to the point I am taking medication for it. Thursday, Jun 22nd 12:04AM
Too much stress and not working for me. Wednesday, Jun 21st 2:33PM
TO TAKE CARE OF ELDERLY MOM Tuesday, Jun 20th 2:50PM
I no longer have the desire to work where I do. I have stagnated mentally. I am no longer using my brain and have been forgetting things I learned in school. I’m tired of the daily drudgery and sameness. Monday, Jun 19th 1:25PM
Stressful situation, very unhappy, affecting health and personal life Sunday, Jun 18th 10:52PM
treated poorly, no room for improvement, cant speak to manager, get judged everyday, get talked about, there is no hope left here Sunday, Jun 18th 7:38PM
I’m in a position that is just not right for me, with a company that I have outgrown, and is beneath my skills and education, for a company of managers that I am unable to influence positively. I am getting physically ill from this, and it costs me money to get there every day. Friday, Jun 16th 1:16PM
I have classic signs of burnout and compassion fatigue despite being in the field for a brief period (less than 1 year). I also feel I have lost the passion that once motivated me to enter the field of counseling. My other passions keep calling to me, such as writing, traveling, and adventuring outdoors. Tuesday, Jun 13th 1:44PM
Quitting my job because my 75 minute-90 minute commute each way along with a high energy, stressful job has taken a toll on me and my personal life. Work/life balance is unhealthy. Monday, Jun 12th 10:14AM
To do wht I always dreamed of. Monday, Jun 12th 10:35AM
I want a change Sunday, Jun 11th 11:30PM
Stress Sunday, Jun 11th 8:13PM
Don’t feel valued or trap Saturday, Jun 10th 10:53PM
This job is a dead end for me. I am not gaining new skills. Expectations are unrealistic and continuously changing. Saturday, Jun 10th 10:20PM
It is not what want to do. It is stressful and I hate the working environment and thr senior management Wednesday, Jun 7th 5:46AM
l Tuesday, Jun 6th 9:14AM
I feel stressed and uncomfortable at my job. Monday, Jun 5th 1:26PM
I’m not happy with my direction, lack passion for my company, find my job boring Monday, Jun 5th 5:19AM