In honor of the gentleman who completed the survey today.   Listen to your intuition. Be grateful for getting to this point in your career and knowing that where you are is not where you need to stay.  No fear. Start your exit plan. Set your date and move forward.

The below type of situations are happening worldwide to wage earners. Below is the Quality Control worker’s story, can you relate?:

This year, my health has suffered, I’ve been drinking more than usual and I’m in the worst shape I’ve been in for many years. The stresses of my job and the atmosphere in the workplace have played a major role in my current health.
Over the years I have felt unappreciated and disrespected and this year it has come to a head. For example, new phones were distributed this year and I was one of the last to receive one (not for the first time either!). And now, a new colleague has joined our department and has already been issued a lap top. I’ve been working in this department for the last 13 years and I’m still waiting for one.
I’ve now got to the point where I cannot go any further. I simply cannot work in a place where I feel undervalued, disrespected and unappreciated. I’ve gone the extra mile many, many times and don’t even receive a “thank you” most of the time. But as stated at the beginning, my health has suffered and this is something I cannot and will not compromise for anyone or anything, and if that means quitting my job then so be it.
I do have other plans as in starting my own business (again my job has got in the way of this because I go home exhausted), and I am prepared to take a lower paid job in the short term.