Pop-Up Shop Saturday’s

Being in business with a building has been an interesting experience. Opening the shop on weekends for the past 6 months has been eye-opening. It’s been my arts studio, a place for me to think, a place for me to un-think, a place for locals to get a cup of coffee, a counseling center, a fabulous place for the birds to find food, a place to wash my car, a place to be creative, a place to meet new people, a place to study human behavior, a place to listen to music….it’s been all these things for the last 6…


Why Not Basic Income?

“It’s something new…That will never happen…We’ve never done anything like that before…People need to work…People will be lazy…You shouldn’t get anything for free.”  On and on it goes…. If I did not get survey entries DAILY from people SUFFERING in jobs for one reason or another I would not know the extent of the problem. People want to be creative and productive. They want to be happy.  They want to just  live.  They want to see their families. They want to use their greatest talents and skills. Mostly people just want to do something they love doing AND be –…


How To Control Your Spending

Control Your Spending

It’s been a month since I posted the 3 things post and one of the three things that I decided to try for the month of October 2012 was only spending three times a week. It worked like a charm. At first it was a challenge because I was used to spending whenever I wanted to. I decided to spend ONLY on Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s. How It Worked Out Friday’s seemed to be the hardest because  you have to plan for your weekend starting on Thursday. The way I decided to do it was that as long as I…


Just Quit Savings Account

  You know how you’ve always been told to save for a rainy day?  Financially maybe your rainy day is already here.  In order to Just Quit somethings in life  (like your job) you’ll need some savings to hold you over until you figure it out.  Sometimes you just can’t figure it out in the place you’re at.  There is just too much static, too much noise, too much chaos to figure it out.  You need to take a hiatus, lay yourself off, move on, and get on with it. So where are your raining day funds? Many of us may…


Just Quit Shopping

Shop Till You Drop

“I don’t care nothing about a sale.  If you spend all your money just because something is on sale you won’t have the money when you really need it. “ ~James Harvey Richardson   How do you Just Quit Shopping? It’s hard if you’ve been doing it for years because it has become a part of your lifestyle. How many people do you see “just looking” at the mall and stores?  They go around the entire store “just looking”. What are they looking for?  They are looking for a bargain, of course. How could it possibly be a bargain if…


Just Quit Blowing Money

Is blowing money a problem for you? If you have money do you feel you need to spend it? Do you continue to shop and shop and shop and shop? How many clothes, shoes, knick knacks, electronics, and grown-folks toys do you really need? If you shop just for something to do, then you are in the danger zone.  That means that your credit cards are (about) at the limit, that your closets are overflowing, your garage needs cleaning, and you can’t dust all the stuff you own quick enough. Do you have more things than you’ll ever need? Do you have…